Wills & Probate

Need a probate lawyer in Dungannon?

Rafferty & Donaghy Limited in Dungannon are highly experienced when it comes to matters of family law, including adoption, divorce and ancillary relief. We can also help you manage your affairs, including your will, probate and estate.
probate lawyer in Dungannon

Benefit from our team of experienced probate lawyers

If you wish to make a will or have a will admitted to probate, please contact us.  If someone has died without making a will leaving property, we will be pleased to help.  We can advise on Inheritance Tax.  If you wish to vary the terms of a will, we can draft a Deed of Variation.

What's more, if you are having issues with a disputed or defective will, or you have inadequate provision because the will is lost or destroyed, Rafferty & Donaghy could be the key. If you are looking for advice on any of these matters, we can bring our experience to your situation and give you the professional help you need. Why not get in touch with Rafferty & Donaghy Limited in Dungannon for a range of legal services?

Family dispute?

Whether it's a child custody issue, divorce proceedings or anything in between; our dedicated family lawyers have the experience and the knowledge to give you all the help you need with your case.  For more information, contact our office today.
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